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the gun control debate takes center stage. we'll hear from the president and both california senators. >> reporter: we're live in campbell where a body is found at an early-morning fire. we'll tell you what police are saying about the investigation and the possible connection to a person who lives here. look as these huge fires overnight in oakland. authorities say the fire was connected to a stolen truck. >> reporter: we're live in the tenderloin where thousands of people have braved thousands -- have braved cold temperatures for a hot meal. well gum to "mornings on 2." -- welcome to "mornings on 2."
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i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori dam -- campbell. firefighters found a body on quesada and jennings. that's where janine de la vega is. >> reporter: the fire happened behind the four plex. i just spoke to a neighbor who lives in this four plex and she explained how sad this was. a fire broke out and the firefighters quickly extinguished the fire. when they opened the door, they found a body inside. it's unclear what the person was doing inside but there were miscellaneous items in there, along with a bottle of alcohol. police are not calling this death a homicide. right now, the cause is undetermined. >> we've talked to the
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residents here and the owner of the storage unit. >> reporter: what are they saying? >> nothing suspicious was seen by the neighbors and we're looking into other possible issues. >> reporter: well, we saw this group of people that -- hugging earlier. they were looking very emotional. they told us that the ownern of the storage unit who lives here at the fourplex believes the person who died was his son. he said his son does have access to the unit even though he does not live there. but again, there's been no identification on thed aboutdy. we don't know -- on the body. we don't know if it was a male or female. the coroner will determine that. that's why arson investigators as well as police are collaborating. they are back at the station trying to piece all of this together. reporting live from campbell, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. oakland police are
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investigating an usual fire overnight that started in a stolen truck and then spread to a business. coming up at 7:30, lorraine blanco has reaction from the owner of the business, plus information on the damage from the fire. 7:03. in less than two hours, at 8:45, this morning, president obama will announce a white house effort against gun violence. the president is putting vice president joe biden in charge of it. now, when the president flew to newtown, connecticut after the school shooting, he promised he would do what he could to keep it from happening again. now, ktvu will carry the president's announcement live right here on channel 2 so stay tuned. again, that's scheduled for 8:45 this morning. it happening right now in washington, california senator bar bau broxer has called a news conference. this -- barbara boxer has called a news conference. she will be talking about new legislation she will be introducing to toughen security at schools. we're watching it live.
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this is where it will happen. ktvu will monitor it and we'll let you know what she has to say when she says it. more funerals are planned today for victims of the connecticut schoal scooting. so far, the -- school shooting. three more children will be buried today. people will pay their respects to vick -- vicki soto. she will be buried today. and meantime, we've learned that sandy hook elementary students are not expected to resume classes until january at an empty school building a nearby town. there's also new information about the gunman. there are reports his mother could no longer handle him and he became upset after learning she was taking steps to have him committed to a psychiatric
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facility. this morning, the chief medical examiner in connecticut says he's searching for any genetic clues that could help explain his behavior. apparently, he had little contact except for his mother and he stopped speaking to his father and brother in 2010. >> thousands of people started lining up yesterday in the cold, in san francisco, just to get a free holiday meal this morning. brian flores is outside glide memorial church. you've been out there since this morning. what's going on? >> reporter: a sea of people, at least a block long. thousands of people in line. some have been here as early as yesterday afternoon to get a free meal. every year, grace memorial church does this children where any give a bag of groceries for those who need it. this year, the church expects
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to give 5,500 bags of groceries. people have been in line hoping to get chicken, turkey, potatoes, pasta, beans and i many of -- and these items many of us take advantage of every day. many of these people with homeless. >> we see a lot of growing seniors accessing our services. it's doubling and tripling compared to years in the past. if you look at the demographics, the senior population is growing because the baby boomers are getting older and more people are getting on social security and disability as they reach the older years and they are really tight on money. >> reporter: and organizers say because the amount of people expected to arrive, they may have to turn people away unfortunately, but they are definitely prepping to give away as many bags of groceries
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as they can. the church will start to give away bags of groceries until 7:30. it is expected to last until noon or until they give all of those bags away. brian floors, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we want to sec in with sal -- check in with sal. it's pretty crowded at the toll plaza? >> it is. let's go out and take a look at what we have right now. the toll plaza area looks pretty good, coming for -- it looks pretty good for a regular commute morning about a 15, 20- minute delay. also this morning is moving along -- this commute is moving along nicely northbound 880 near the coliseum. it's not a bad drive at all. the commute time is about 22 minutes from hayward to the fremont area with no major troubles. if you are driving down to the
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south bay, it does look okay. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >> dave, barbara boxer will be speaking about school security in light of the schoal scooting. let's listen in. >> fired at least 106 bullets from an ak-47 rifle. he killed five children ages 6 to 9, one teacher. he injured 29 others before fatally shooting himself. that horrific crime led california to enact our assault weapons band. california still remembers this tragedy just as the nation will always remember the victims of sandy hook elementary school. i know what it means when someone close to you is suddenly taken away in this unspeakable way. my family was touched by the brutal mass shooting at a law office in san francisco in 1993
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where cased gunmen killed eight -- crazed gunmen killed eight people and wounded another six. one of those people was a brave young lawyer who threw his body over his wife's sacrificing his own life to save hers. that young man was one of my son's best friends. so i can tell you without a shadow of a doubt how these horrific and senseless tragedies live on with the survivors forever. the parents, the spouses, the children, the families and the friends. it changes their lives forever and it pierces their psyche forever. since 1999, which was the year of the massacre at columbine high school, and i'm gonna have a chart to talk about this, 258 students, teachers and others
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have been killed in school shootings. another 212 have been wounded due to gun violence at our schools. and i will break down just some of those crimes. a 2005 shooting at redlake senior high school in minnesota, left ten dead and five injured. an amish schoolhouse shooting in pennsylvania in 2006 left six dead and five injured. a gunman killed 33 and wounded 23 others at virginia tech in 2007. earlier this year, seven were killed and three were injured at oakland's oikos university. the slaughter of the innocence must stop. we must act and whoever criticizes me or others for saying so, saying that we must act, whoever says this is not the right time, i say this -- when is the right time?
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i'm gonna show you a number. look at this number. this is just about the population of the united states of america. it's also a representation of the 300 million firearms in the united states today. nearly one gun per person. so i say now is the right time to talk about this. >> you are listening live to senator boxer speaking out about gun violence and holding a news conference to discuss new legislation to strengthen security at schools. she emphasized 258 victims have been killed in school shootings since columbine in 1999, 212 have been wounded since the
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shooting at -- we're gonna hear comments from her again and president obama will be carrying a speech live. we'll have more on that in a minute. right now we want to check in with steve paulson for an update on the very cold weather. a pretty sunrise. >> we do have very, very cold readings, crystal clear. it's cold this morning. freeze warning is out. it's so cold that lori myers in walnut creek sent us this picture of her cat, chili dog parked right in front of the heater. i love it. if your cat is there, i understand as well. temperatures when you get in the 20s, it's really cold. cold morning, turning cloudy tomorrow. it will be warmer. if you have to travel, thursday or monday, later or sooner, friday, saturday and sunday
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will be very dicey especially if you are heading north towards redding or even shasta. there's already -- it's already beginning to kick in around oregon and washington. it will be very dicey. freeze warning out for the north bay goes another 45, 47 minutes. frost advisory, the stronger the two advisories, a lot of won'ts in the -- a lot of 20s in the north. 28 napa. that's at the airport but it's closer to town. fairfield, 27. concord, livermore, 30. redwood city, 23. i've seen 29 palo alto. a lot of 30s around mill valley and san rafael. by san jose, there's some 20s in the santa cruz mountains. 27 in ukiah. look what's har happening. here is the -- look that's happening -- look what's
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happening -- here's the leading edge. by grants pass, oregon, they have a winter storm warning out already. 3 to 7 inches. it's still a little early. high clouds to the north. chilly, chilly high temperatures. 40s or very low 50s unless you are by the bay and along the coast. extended outlook has okay today, clouds roll in thursday. rain looks more likely on friday morning and then steady rain looks like moderate to heavy rain. breaking news. we're learning former solicitor
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and supreme court nominee robert bork has passed away from heart disease this morning. he was nominated to the supreme court by ronald reagan, only to be rejected by the senate after a contentious debate. he was a yale law professor to taught bill linton and hillary clinton. he was 84. new details -- 7:15. in syria, the new military commander of the rebel says he's closely monitoring the syrian government's chemical weapon sites but right now they don't have what it takes to
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seize and secure them. the new rebel commander who defected from the syrian army says he's very afraid that president assad will use the chemical weapons on his own people. syria reportedly has one of the world's biggest chemical weapons arsonnals. happening right now in washington, d.c., a closed door briefing at this hour is focusing on top-secret information about the deadly attack on the libyan consulate. here's more. >> reporter: the panel called the security at the consulate in benghazi grossly inadequate and the panel blames lack of security for the deaths of chris stevens and three others. many point the finger at secretary of state hillary clinton. she claims to take full
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responsibility for this. clinton will be sending top state department deputies to testify in her place after suffering a concussion. john bolton says clinton is faking her illness to avoid testifying. a state department spokeswoman said that's absolutely un-- untrue. >> it's really unfortunate in times like this people make wild speculation based on no information. >> we're reaching out to california lawmakers who were part of this morning's top- secret briefing. more on that when i see you next. back to you. 7:17. the justice department will not press cyber stalking charges against a woman who had an affair with former cia director david petraeus. paula broad well was accused of describe -- broadwell was
7:19 am
accused of cyber stalking jill kelli. both broadwell and petraeus are married. they've expressed regret about their affair. they say it ended last summer. well, the pentagon says the top intelligence official is being investigated for information he reportedly gave to the makers of a movie about the raid that killed osama bin laden. michael vickers is the under- secretary for defense. he was named as a possibility to replace petraeus. he said he only gave information that was not classified to the makers of the movie. he also said the meeting was arranged by the pentagon's office of public affairs. bay area religious leaders continue to show support for victims and families in the newtown, connecticut shooting. this afternoon, the archbishop
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of the catholic diocese will hold a remembrance. the cathedral is on harrison street at grand avenue in oakland. last night in pleasant, there was a big outpouring of support for newtown victims. dozens of people gathered for a candlelight vigil. it was organized by students and parents at henry moore elementary. the event raised money for victims and their families. >> it's really important for us to stand as one. >> i think folks are looking for other people to be around at this time because there are no answers. >> money raised will go to the sandy hook school support fund. organizers hope to send a big donation today. mark zuckerberg is making his biggest gift to charity so far to a south bay
7:21 am
organization. he's donating almost $500 billion in facebook stalk to the silicon valley organization. it is zucker berg's second donation since joining the giving pledge group. it encourages wealthy individuals and families to give away most of their money. there is a report this morning that the federal trade commission will not be able to wrap up its anti-trust investigation of google for the next few day the -- for the next few weeks. google was accused of giving competitors lucrative areas like travel, a lower ranking in search results. the european commission is conict ducting a similar -- conducting a similar investigation. this morning ubs was ordered to pay a $1.5 billion. that's after they admitted to fraud, paying bribes to brokers
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and manipulating the lie libor benchmark. the united states will get $1.2 billion of that money from ubs. 7:21. a freeze warn something in effect for some of the -- warning is in effect for some parts of the bay area. steve paulson will tell us where and when we can expect it to warm up. and a major mudslide that came right toes, dash right close to a moving train. vze=
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moving train. this happened in the pacific northwest. knocked the train off the tracks. i've never seen that before. all captured on this video. this is north of seattle near everette. that freight train was carrying 11 containers some of them were knocked over, split open. but luckily no one was hurt. by the way, those train tracks are closed. they will stay closed until tomorrow. oakland city council did not reach a decision about the proposed lake merritt dog park, delaying the vote until january. jean quan refused to cast the tie-breaking vote. some people say the proposed area should be left for humans. but others say there's no place nearby to let dogs run off leash. another redwood city marina reportedly may be sold displacing more than 100 people who live on their boats. sources tell ktvu that a buyer has been found for the docktown marina.
7:26 am
this comes after tenants after nearby pete's harbor were given a january eviction date. people who live there, say 120 people will be forced to relocate. they say many people who live on their boats are on a fixed income and cannot afford to move. 7:25. sal, can you use your traffic magic to help the folks on highway 24. >> i'm trying to. one of the tricks is to tell you about trouble spots on the way. 24 is not bad between walnut creek and oakland. you will see some slowing but we've not had any major problems. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's still pretty thick backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. there will be a day, maybe friday and possibly tomorrow when you are gonna start seeing traffic start getting lighter as we get close to christmas. some people start taking time off. i think friday might be the day
7:27 am
for sure. northbound 101 traffic here looks okay in san jose as you drive to 280, you will see some slowing there getting up to highway 17. some commutes are already beginning to see a little bit lighter traffic. let's go to steve. >> cold out there. a lot of 20s showing up. top to bottom. even by the coast reports coming in every windshield in benicia had frost on it. freeze warning out in the north valley for another 20 minutes. the peninsula, south bay, santa cruz mountains, east bay, 20s. the coldest temperatures i found are in the north bay. big change in our weather is already moving into the vancouver, seattle, portland area. that's rain turning to snow. some that will move into northern california tomorrow. today, cold, cold.
7:28 am
a few high clouds come into the north. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. inland temperatures will really struggle. increasing clouds on thursday and then friday, rain starts, snow in the mountains. the snow level will go up in the sierra nevada around 4,000, 4500 feet. dicey and tricky around redding and shasta. heavier rain moves in on sunday. clearing out monday. tuesday looks okay, christmas. >> all right. thank you, steve. 7:27. we have new pictures just coming into the newsroom of a massive 60-car pileup that shut down i-5 in northern california overnight. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where a fire in a stolen truck spread to a nearby business. we'll tell you what the owner said he saw before the fire. >> reporter: it's freezing in petaluma, literally. we'll tell you what parts of
7:29 am
the bay area and how long it will last.
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♪ >> you really believe this story? >> osama bin laden. >> oh, my god. is that who they think it is? ♪ very cold out there. freeze warning goes. frost advisory for about another half-hour. temperatures, 20s and 30s. it will be sunny today, just not very warm. upper 40ss and very low 30s -- 40s and very low 30s. tara moriarty is -- i got a
7:32 am
tweet from bubba the ta tus said he would --er to tus, he said he would -- taurtes. he said he would bring you some gloves but he would be there by august. >> reporter: there's been ice on the windshield. we've been scraping it off all morning long. freeze warning in effect for the north bay this morning with temperatures plunging between 24 and 30 degrees this morning. the frost and ice could pose a hazard for those pipes to prevent your pipes from freezing, wrap them or let the faucets drip slowly. growers are protecting their
7:33 am
crops. we spoke to one man who said he had to take extra precaution for his cows on frosty mornings. >> i had to hoping for
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that. we haven't quite gotten there yet. i want to say the traffic times are about the same, 15, 20 minutes. speaking of traffic times, 880 southbound between hayward and fremont between 238 and mallory avenues, after that it looks good. we're talking about the south bay and northbound 101 has been busy from the 280 interchange. he's steve. you know what, steve? i for goat to use the 280 picture -- i forgot to use the 280 picture. traffic is moving along well. sunrise over the big city. it's cold. just heard from mike polanski, the observer in san francisco, the official reading is not one, but he keeps meticulous records. 23 up in boulder creek, santa
7:40 am
cruz mountains, 25 sebastopol. the freeze warning goes for another 20 minutes. 8:00 we'll start to warm off some of these cold, cold lows. take your pick. officially 41 on the city. but i mean a lot of 30s, not nar away. things are getting very, very active already up in the seattle and also portland and the snow level and i mention this because i just had another e-mail from somebody heading up north, heading up to weaver victim. around redding, it will be -- weaverville, around redding, there could be tough driving on i-5. tahoe, 4500 feet. 40s and firsts on the temperatures -- and 50s on the temperatures today. clouds roll in thursday. rain starts friday. and it looks like rain all the way into the weekend, maybe on monday. it looks okay on tuesday. there will be tough travel over the weekend. >> okay. thank you. 7:39. the debate over guns heats up
7:41 am
today. some of the options being considered in the wake of the connecticut shooting. [inaudible] >> the berkeley down's decision on whether -- council's decision on whether to make the city a no-drone zone. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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stocks losing a little steam after avoiding thefully. general motors jumped 7% after reporting it will buy back government's stake in the
7:44 am
company. and oracle splurged on software and other technologies. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 15. the nasdaq is down 6. s&p down 4. this just in, new this morning, popular british singer adele has been voted the associated press entertainer of the year. adele's year began in triumph at the grammys where she won six awards, including album of the year and ended with the birth of her son in october. previous winners of the entertainment of the year include lady gaga, betty white and steven colbert. also this morning, "time" magazine announced its 2012 person of the year and the title goes to president obama. the magazine picked president obama for "turning weakness into opportunity and for seeking amid great adversity to create a more perfect union." this is the second -- this the
7:45 am
second time he's received this award. he received it in 2008. apple's tim cook and yahoo's ceo received the award. rene marsh is in newtown to describe new normal in newtown, connecticut for kids going back to school there and also what is slowing down the investigation. rene? >> reporter: yeah, dave, talk about the new normal, this morning, this the scene we saw. we saw yellow school buses on the main road that goes through this community but on that same road, we also saw a church. the parking lot at that church is filling up with mourners getting ready to bury yet another victim. parents in newtown, connecticut have cautiously sent their children back to school with extra security and counselors onhand. >> i just naturally would love to keep my kids in a bubble but i know you can't live that way. >> reporter: the close-knit
7:46 am
community is forever changed because of those 20 children who will never return to class. the investigation continues into what sparked the shooting rampage. adam lanza left a sparked computer at his home but so far -- marked -- a smashed computer at his home. investigators have not been able to get any data off of it. two funerals were held yesterday. >> i'm watching a sea of people leaving a funeral for a child and another sea of people waiting at the side of the church trying to get in for the next funeral. >> it's really beyond words. >> reporter: victoria soto will be laid to rest and parents will bury more children. grace mcdonald's parents take dom for the in the fact that their daughter is holding hands with their friends. >> they are all up there and up
7:47 am
there with their wonderful principal. >> reporter: and the town's mayor said their faith will not waver. and in about an hour from now, we expect the president to make an announcement about how his administration will move forward to adjust the gun laws in the country. something i'm sure many people here will be playing close attention to when the president visited just this week, he made a promise to the families here that he would do everything that he possibly could. dave, back to you. >> all right, rene marsh. thank you. 7:46. about 20 minutes ago, we heard from barbara boxer. she's calling for new legislation to strengthen school security. >> this is the time when you can see a lot of colleagues coming to the microphone. they are not calling a lot of people. they are moving out of their
7:48 am
gut, brain, heart because they know each of us is responsible, period, end of quote. i feel an enormous responsibility to do something about this. >> jamie dupree joins us live from washington, d.c. i imagine this will be topic-a for the first part of president obama's second term? that's the way it seems, tori. senator boxer just finished up her news conference. she opened her news conference by citing a 1989 has school shooting that probable blay lot of people had -- probably a lot of people forgot about in stockton, came. boxer running down her wish list, a ban on certain assault weapons, closing the gun show loophole, also doing something on mental health and guns.
7:49 am
it's a question that she said in that sound bite that you played. she feels like there's movement on the side of gun drome advocates, whether that momentum continues into next year, that's unknown at this point in time. >> and president obama will be speaking in about an hour and he will make a big announcement about miss new role for his vice president. >> reporter: he's gonna put vice president biden in charge of sort of an overall comprehensive broad look at how best do you stem gun violence. vice president biden, back when he was senator biden was very, very farm with these issues. i think a lot of people will look at this and wonder if the focus is going to be mainly on gun control. the white house says no, there's gonna be a lot of other things involved but certainly what's gonna get the most attention is whenever the congress moves on any gun control measures. >> i'm curious if there's
7:50 am
attention given by the proposal by texas governor rick perry that one potential solution, instead of taking away guns, potentially arming teachers and school staff. >> reporter: well, you know, senator boxer, one of her plans she said she's introducing today is something that would allow the governors to call up national guardsmen to use them as security aides or other security issues. everybody is coming up with different ideas. the last couple of years when democrats were in charge of congress for four years in the house and senate and the first two years, the obama administration most of the votes here in congress, tori, were on issues that would have expanded gun rights. we'll see whether that changes in the months ahead and whether the gun chrome advocates can have a little momentum on their side. i've seen this issue from where it was in the mid-80s when i started here in the reagan administration. pox -- it can flip back in
7:51 am
their favor after this latest school shooting. >> again, president obama speaking about an hour -- in about an hour and ktvu will carry that live. you can find a link to jamie's washington insider blog at, pull down the news menu bar and go to our politics page. bad weather near yosemite national park is slowing down a plane that disappeared near the park. it rent off the radar near the north dome area. the pilot took off from santa barbara heading to mammoth lakes on monday. he was the only person on board. the air force and state emergency crews are out there helping with the search. some in berkeley are calling it a no-drone zone as that east bay city considers banning the use of flying drones. berkeley city council members talked about the idea. alameda county sheriff's office is considering buying and using four-pound drones for short and
7:52 am
specific missions. here's what they look like. a drone would only be used over berkeley if city authorities asked to use it. >> it would be for the unincorporated areas. that's the areas that we patrol. now if an agency wanted to use it like we send our k-9s to other agencies, depending upon the need, we would be open to that. >> supporters of the no drone zone, say this violents their civil rights. 7:51. a snowstorm in colorado could make air travel difficult even here in northern california. how flights at sfo are being affected this morning. why some workers at oakland's airport may be going on strike.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
if you will be flying to denver today, you may want to check the status of their flight. a storm bearing down on the rocky mountain region is expected to bring blizzard conditions that. could result in zero visibility for drivers and delays and cancellations at the denver airport. there are delays of about 27 minutes. food servers at oakland international airport are preparing to go on strike unless they get a new contract by midnight tomorrow. the workers say they haven't had a contract since june and unless they work out a deal by midnight thursday they plan to walk off the job. the issues with an airport contractor involve medical costs and salaries. 7:54. we want to check in with sal. it's not holiday light. >> people trying to get it all in. i think that maybe by friday, we'll be sitting here and watching tumble weeds roll down the toll plaza but not today.
7:56 am
this is a look at interstate 880 northbound. traffic is moving along pretty well passing the coliseum but it slows down at high street. the morning commute is moving along -- it's a little -- if you look at this, it's a little bit lighter than unusual. it's only backed up to the end of the parking lot. it begins the christmas -- whatever we call it. the lightening of the traffic for christmas. moving along to san jose, we've seen some traffic that's slow. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. >> you are welcome, steve. danville, 25. 23 in boulder creek. there's some code readings and also 39 in the richmond district in san francisco. that -- the coldest so far, past yourselves on the back, noe valley. 35. napa is in there. i've seen colder than that, up
7:57 am
to kentwood. oakland, 26. and there's a lot of 20s. sewasty toll 25. rain and snow have started up in the pacific northwest and the leading edge of that system will nin a few high clouds. today is the tweener day. it will be sunny, it just won't be very warm. temperatures will be in the 50s and 40s. our time now, 7:56. and 11-year-old girl critically injured after being hit by a car near an elementary school. why police say this may not have been the driver's fault.
7:58 am
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i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, december 19th. we have developing news for
8:00 am
you from campbell. just hours ago a body found as firefighters were battling a fire. now, ktvu's janine de la vega joining us live near keenis drive off hamilton south. you talked to someone who may have known the person who died. janine? >> reporter: dave, relatives tell us the man who lives in this second-floor apartment there, he believes that the person who die the in the fire was his -- who died in the fire was his son. at 1:15, a fire broke out behind this apartment complex on keenis drive. the fire was burning -- burning in the storage unit attached underneath the carport. firefighters quickly extinguished it. when they opened the door, they found a body inside. it's unclear what the people were doing inside, but there were miscellaneous items along with a couple of bottles of clog. the police are not calling this
8:01 am
a homicide right now. the cause is undetermined. neighbors have a lot of questions and have expressed concern. >> it's very sad that somebody would die like that. that part is -- especially at the holidays. it's horrible. no matter what condition he was in. very, very sad. >> we saw this group of people who were hugging each other earlier. they looked very emotional. they told us that they were relatives of the deceased but they didn't offer anymore information. police confirmed that a resident told him that his son had access to the storage unit even though he didn't live here and that's why he believed -- he has reason to believe that the person who died was his son. but there's been no identification on his body. at this point, we don't know if that person was male or female. i called the coroner's office and they said they will be performing an autopsy later today. when i spoke to police a short time ago, they said there was evidence found inside the storage unit that leads them to believe there is a logical
8:02 am
explanation as to how this person died, but the sergeant would not elaborate on what that was. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:01. 45 minutes from now, president obama is scheduled to announce white house effort against gun violence. president obama is putting vice president joe dieden in charge of this -- joe biden in charge of this. when president obama went to newtown, connecticut after the shooting, he promised to do what he could to keep it from happening again. we'll carry the president's announcement live right here and again, that's scheduled for 8:45 this morning. happening right now. nancy pelosi and other house democrats are getting ready to hold a press conference for to call on a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips. we'll monitor that and bring you more information as soon as that happens. 8:01. an 11-year-old petaluma girl, still in critical condition. she was hit by a van yesterday
8:03 am
near mckinley elementary. it happened as children were heading home. police don't think speed or alcohol was a factor. they believe she was not in a crosswalk when she went out on the street. police say they believe the driver swived but could not avoid -- swerved but could not avoid her. kaiser nurses are -- kaiser staffing says they comply with and sometimes exceed limits. there will be pickets this afternoon. officials at sutter solano threatened to discipline nurses who streak on -- who strike on christmas eve. union representatives plan to move ahead with that one-day
8:04 am
walkout. sutter solano nurses will be joining nurses at eight other hospitals in that walkout. they include alta bates summit in berkeley and oakland and eden medical center in castro valley. happening now, thousands of people are gathered in the cold in san francisco collecting a much-needed bag of groceries to make a warm holiday meal. brian flores joins us live from glide memorial church where volunteers are handing out the food as we spoke. it looks like quite a crowd out there. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. we're live in the tenderloin. the line has already started moving as volunteers were giving out that free bag of grocery -- groceries.
8:05 am
every year they do this where they give away a free bag of groceries to those who need it. the church plans to give out 5,000 bags of groceries including chicken or turk, pasta, bread, vegetables. people have been driving the cold temperatures all night -- braving the cold temperatures all night to get a bag. >> we can always use donations for our food program. you know because it's the holidays everyone shows up for christmas and during the holidays but after december 26th, we are definitely in need. >> organizers say many of the people in line are homeless just down on their luck because the tough economy and mostly a lot of elderly people are here as well. organizers say because of the amount of people that are expected to arrive, they may have to turn people away but
8:06 am
they are definitely trying to give away groceries. this event started around 7:20. it is expected to last around noontime. coming up, we'll talk to a few people in line and find out how they feel about getting this food. back to you. >> a lot going on. >> yeah. 8:05. sal says a lot is going on in your commute. can you get people moving? >> have a little surprise for you. i think we're starting to see the holiday bump, in is wednesday before, you know, christmas. christmas is next tuesday. and the traffic is moving along okay. it's getting better on 24 westbound as you drive through the caldecott. we're seeing improvement. today is not a completely light day. but i think by friday you will see a lot of people taking time off. look at the bay bridge, it's only backed up to the middle of
8:07 am
the parking lot and the metering lights are on. we're beginning to see some of that. if you are driving in san jose, we haven't had the long backups that we usually do on 101. there is a backup at 280 and getting into sunnyvale. let's go to steve. all right. thank you. steve we'll get to new a moment. we want to head back to washington, d.c. house minority leader nancy pelosi and other house democrats are heading to the microphone now to speak on the shooting, the mass shooting in connecticut and their attempt to try to limit the number of massive guns and weapons that need to be controlled. this obviously a big issue. we just heard senator bar bau broxer talking about way -- barbara boxer talking about ways to increase school security and then president obama will be coming up in about 45 minutes to hear more about what he will be doing to
8:08 am
try to control guns. let's listen in. >> as we mourn the tragedy at sandy hook elementariary school, members of congress and all americans offer the word of consolation to the families, words of grief, of mourning, our prayers. yet no words are adequate to console the families these children and others taken from us in an act of senseless, unspeakable violence. here in congress what we need now are not more words, what we need is action. we must take action to protect our children from harm to preserve the safety of our schools and to keep our community safe. we must take action so that we can tell our children that we are doing everything in ure power to prevent -- in our power to prevent these tragedies from ever happening again. this morning you will be
8:09 am
hearing from members of colleagues. steny hoyer. he may not be able to stay here the entire time with us. as we know, as the president said on sunday night, we can't tolerate this anymore. these tragedies must end and to end them we must change. in congress we're blessed with the leadership of congresswoman carolyn mccarthy. she's brought to this debate her own loss in the senseless tragedy, her own experience as a healthcare professional, and her own even handedness to help make that change with legislation to help ban assault weapons. thank you, carolyn, for your leadership and for the inspiration you are to all of us. today, i'm pleased to announce
8:10 am
that congressman mike thompson will head a new task force focused on reducing gun violence. he's a vietnam vet, a wounded vietnam vet, i might add, -- he will be working with the administration and to do so in a bipartisan way. these are the steps, some steps that we all want to take that members have expressed that we -- but we must go further. restoring the assault weapon ban, strengthening the background system to make sure that dangerous weapons don't fall in the wrong hands. i met with the brady group and members of families who have experienced tragedies, addressing the issue of mental
8:11 am
health to keep those guns out of those hands, and april dressing the issue of -- addressing the issue of violence. bobby cox has taken the lead on that issue later on the day. even as we tackle these concerns, it's important to know that these actions to not eliminate the need to ban an assault weapon and on assault weapons. high-capacity additions that make any gun an assault weapon. and ron barber will be bringing his own experience. the tragedy in newtown, truck the hearts of americans. there's complications. it's hard but we can get the job done with calibrated legislation in a way that really is effective. we mourn the loss of precious
8:12 am
children, reading about their love of sports, animals, music. and we mourn the teacher, the counselor, the principal of the school. we owe them again to do everything in our power to take sensible action to prevent gun violence to ensure the safety of the schools and our neighborhoods and to build a future of safety for all americans. with that now i'm very pleased to yield to carolyn mccarthy, an inspiration -- >> you've been listening live to house minority leader, nancy pelosi, bay area democrat, speaking in congress with several other house democrats talking about the mass shooting in connecticut. shy quoted president obama saying these -- she quoted president obama saying he's tragedies must end and to end them, we must change.
8:13 am
they are channeling their energy around this horrible strategy. so again, we're continuing to follow this and we're expecting another announcement from president obama coming up in about half an hour talking about a new effort to try to control issue -- issue more gun control. he will be having vice president joe biden leading that effort. we're following that story and have more on it coming up shortly. 8:12. well, more funerals today for victims of the connecticut schoal scooting in newtown, connecticut last friday, today, three more victims will be buried. and victoria soto will be buried today. she died protecting herrer is fid students. services and -- her terrified
8:14 am
student the services will be held for dawn hopsberg. we're getting new information about the gunman. there are reports his mother can no longer -- could no longer handle him. he was angry after finding out she was planning to commit him to a psychiatric facility and also the chief medical examiner says he's searching -- searching for any clues that may explain why the gunman did what he did. he had little contact with anyone except for his mother. in china 500 people have been detained for spreading rumors that the world will end this friday. they belong to a group called almighty god. they are accused of preaching
8:15 am
about the mayan prof if hecy that some believe the world will end this friday -- prophecy that some believe the world will end this friday. and here in the bay area, a group of scientists plan to get together and debunk rumors of the doomsday. they will be at deer valley high school and plan to explain what the myian calendar is about and why friday's date does not mean the end of the world. the presentation is from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. the drakes oyster bay says it will challenge the agreement that will allow the company to plant and grow new oysters. now, the new deal was reached so some of the employees could keep their jobs through the holidays. the mobile homes those workers live in will not have to be removed immediately.
8:16 am
drakes bay has until march 15th to remove all personal problem. 8:15. a closed-door briefing in washington this morning. thoroughly revied the deadly -- reviewed the deadly attacks in benghazi. kayla campbell joins us live with the one agency about an independent panel's scathing report. >> reporter: the panel hammered the state department measures in benghazi. this comes three months after embassy christopher stevens and three others were killed. the independent panel called
8:17 am
the security there grocery inadequate. secretary of state hillary clinton says she excepts full responsibility for any wrongdoing. she has been sick and she will not testify. instead senior department deputy also testify in her place. this morning, republicans says leaders are getting off the hook. >> look, this is on the president and clinton's watch. they bear responsibility here. >> reporter: hillary clinton's says she took immediately action sending more military and ordering an investigation into the pen basezy talk. clinton says she's implemented some of the panel's recommendations. back to you. a manhunt continues right now in chicago for two bank robbers who made an escape from
8:18 am
a high-rise jail. they squeezed through narrow windows in the high rise jail. and then using knotted bed sheets they scaled 20 stories down to makes the escape. we have new information about a former security guard accused of firing shots out of a -- outside of a shooting store in new portport beach, california. now we know he's linked to several other shootings in southern california. investigators say he fired 54 shots into the air outside the fashion island mall in newport on saturday. no one was shot. prosecutors say he was involved in ten similar shootings since april including two near disneyland and another one outside that same newport mall. he's still in jail being held without bail. later today, family and friends of mexican-american singing star jenny rivera will
8:19 am
celebrate her life at a public memorial. she was killed in a plane crash. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. today's memorial is at the gibson amphitheater. it will be led by hun of -- by run of rivera's five brothers. new this morning, french judges have decided to pursue charges against dominique strauss-khan. strauss-khan has admitted to attending sex parties at a luxury hotel but he said he did not know some of the women were paid. last week he reached a settlement in new york with the hotel made who accused him of trying to rape her back in may of 2011. the white house threatening a president veto of john boehner's plan b for averting thefully. the white house says it's time for the republicans to stop
8:20 am
political posturing. he says this plan is a fallback just in case he and president obama cannot get a deal done by the end of the month. boner's plan would raise income tax rates for those people making more than a million a year and keep them the same for everybody else. president obama wants tax raise to rise on incomes of more than $400 -- $400,000. there was a very minor timing issue when a soyuz spacecraft lifted off from
8:21 am
kazakhstan a few hours ago this morning. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and lift-off! >> did you catch that speed up there, tori? >> yes. >> 3, 2, 1! >> the timing of the english countdown. it won't affect the timing of the rest of the mission. tom marshburn and his russian and canadian crew mates will still need two days to reach the international space station. they are expected to spend about five months on board conducting a variety of experiments. volunteers trying to spread holiday cheer for the troops in afghanistan hit a huge one in the -- a huge bump in the road. what happened to holiday packages? and there is a freeze warning in parts of the bay area. steve is come back to tell you which areas are included in that freeze warning and when it
8:22 am
might warmup again. >> if you are driving on 680, we do have slow traffic for you. we'll tell what you that is about and give you another update on the commute.
8:23 am
8:24 am
welcome back. it looks like a grinch stole christmas from troops in afghanistan. in vale, there are about two dozen care packages meant for the servicemen and women stolen from a warehouse. the group move america forward collected those items for the soldiers. the packages were completely
8:25 am
ready to ship out. the postage had been paid. but thieves came in, broke a lock and stole everything. they are scrambling now to send extra packages. a holland design team has won a competition to improve san francisco's fort mason center. they want to convert this into a art-themed hotel. other ideas, platforms that would lead to the water. there would also be moveable pontoons. one of them would include a heated pool. nothing is written in stone just yet. all of the ideas will go through a public review process. signed a deal to release square feet and construction will start next
8:26 am
month. work remembers expected to move in two years later. salesforce also announced it's leasing 100,000 square foot at 50 fremont street. in january at least another 400,000 square feet in that building. a big milestone for twitter. the company now has 200 million active monthly users. also tweeting the twitters' fear is the pulse of the planet. twitter recorded 100 million active users back in 2011. while you are out there tweeting, you can be watching us, all of the newscast live with our new, free, ktvu ipad app. plus drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news any time anywhere. in fact, right now, we can check on your commute right
8:27 am
now. >> thank you, dave. we have one slowdown. you will be dealing with slow traffic on 680 around the corner from alamo and danville. it gets better when you reach danville and you get do san ramon. the bay bridge is nice for this time of the morning. it's lighter than usual, backed up to the middle of the parking lot and some of the lanes and the metering lights are still on but they might be going receive -- might be going off soon. on 101, we see some slow traffic in mountain view as you drive towards palo alto. 8:26. let's go to steve. a lot of cold weather. freeze warning ended at 8:00, same with the frost advisory. doesn't mean it's still not cold. a lot of 20s from the santa cruz mountains and los gatos all the way up to mendocino county, lake county and even some 30s. mid-30s. the coldest i saw was 21 at lynch creek which is west of
8:28 am
petaluma. 21. 23 up in boulder creek. santa cruz mountains, still some 20s. santa rosa is in there, napa, fairfield, 26. that's at travis. 38 in the city this morning. officially 40 but our observer had 48. that's -- livermore, 31. san jose, 35. i tell you, our pattern is going to change. there will be some very dicey tricky snow levels, especially up to redding. those of you who drive up 5, heading to redding and oregon, it will be dicey on thursday night/friday. cold today, even though it's sunny. upper 40s, low 50s. clouds roll in thursday, late, late thursday. rain kicks in, there will be a series of systems. christmas day and the day after look okay. 8:27. a very disturbing discovery happened in napa county. what a vineyard worker found in a creek and what investigators will be doing today. >> reporter: and we're live in oakland where crews are still
8:29 am
busy cleaning up the mess after an overnight fire. we'll tell you how it is connected to a stolen vehicle and show you exclusive video. >> reporter: the freeze warning just ended in the north bay. but there are some precautions you -- you should still take. we'll told you the coldest spot in the bay area -- coming up on "mornings on 2." z5?" ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
8:30 am
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8:31 am
very, very cold. a couple of reports coming, lake county, you will southeastern, 27 -- lucerne, 27. clear, but cold. tomorrow we increase the clouds. one of the coldest readings was
8:32 am
lynch creek and tara moriarty which was 21 degrees, might add, but there's still 28, 29s near there. >> reporter: that's right. 28 degrees here in petaluma. that warning has ended but essentially it's still freezing. you can see there is a lot of frost and ice on the windshield. the sun is beginning to melt it. that's the good news. if you need to get out of the door this morning, you will need an ice scraper or at least a credit card to get to where you need to go. it's 28 here and 21 near lynch creek which is not too far away. the frost and ice posts a threat to pipes. the best way to protect pipes is to wrap them or let faucets drip slowly. we spoke to a dairy farmer here in petaluma. he said the cold comes a few
8:33 am
times a year and he really doesn't mind. >> oh, yeah. i started my pickup earlier this morning, to let it thaw out. >> reporter: now, the cold is not so welcome among the homeless where last night st. mary's cathedral is among four churches who opened up churches to pro-- to provide emergency shelter. you want to make sure you bundle up this morning. take it easy on the roads and wear gloves. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. a major fire in oakland badly damaged one business and it started with a stolen truck. this all happened on clara street. look at the pictures. lorraine blanco has been there since 4:30 you are back now to tell us why police think that fire is suspicious. lorraine? >> reporter: dave, i talked with the owner of the building this morning and he said "bad
8:34 am
people are taking over the area." he says he's seen a lot of suspicious behavior around here. you can see this morning a cleanup crew is boarding up and securing his business. now, let's take a look at this exclusive video you will see onlien -- only on 2. the fire started in a stolen truck after midnight at the cornern of clara street and railroad avenue in oakland. it spread to a nearby telephone and computer networking company. an oakland fire battalion cheech tell us a security guard was inside during that fire and treated for smoke inhalation. but he's expected to be okay. >> he was a middle-aged male and the car fire that started the building on fire was -- a struck stolen out of hayward on december 11th. >> i wouldn't want anyone to get hurt. there's a lot of young families living in the corner. my son is just right around the
8:35 am
corner. pretty scary. >> reporter: we also noticed security cameras out here and one does point toward the front of this building where the fire started. investigators are searching for the person or people responsible for the fire and the stolen vehicle. reporting live in oakland, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:34. just minutes ago, a standoff with police in albany ended. now, two blocks of brighten avenue were shut down earlier this morning. a negotiator was trying to talk to a man who was possibly armed hiding inside an apartment building. we have very few details about what happened or what's going on this. we're waiting for the police to give those details. we'll let you know when we find out. this morning, napa county sheriff deputies are expected to return to -- expected to return to a vineyard where humane remains were discovered. a vineyard worker found the remains yesterday afternoon in a creek bed near calistoga.
8:36 am
deputies tell the napa valley patch it appears that recent rains may have washed remains down the streak. they also say it appears the person had been dead for some time making it difficult to i.d. the remains. interstate 5 is back open after 60 cars crashed shutting down the highway last night. more than 60 cars -- look at these pictures. they lost control and skidded on black ice. they all crashed near yreka in sis cue county. this -- sikikyou county. several people suffered minor to moderate injuries. 60 cars. >> wow. that's re-- and i heard it -- i think 20 big rigs that were involved also. let's check in with sal and see how things are moving. hopefully this wednesday morning commute is winding
8:37 am
down. >> it is a little bit. we are looking at some commutes that are doing pretty well. let's go outside. i want to take a look at 880 northbound. that's a little bit slow passing the coliseum. it will stay that way until the brick wall. westbound 580 is slow. if you are driving this morning to the toll plaza, that traffic, we keep watching it for you. it's only backed up for a short wait, about five minutes there the. on the peninsula, highway 101 and 280, san mateo a little slow. a little bit more than 20 minutes driving up the coast there. >> let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning. skies are crystal clear. the chamber and the city need to wake up and take pictures. everything is gonna start to fall apart starting visibility-
8:38 am
wise and rain-wise. if you have to travel, i kid you not, the earlier you go or the later you go, the bitter enbetween friday and -- the better between friday and sunday. it's tough, especially on the mountains. we have mostly sunny skies. 20s, 30s, still some of these showing up. we're starting to warm up a little bit. the official low in the city was 40. but i've seen anywhere from 35 to 38. numerous places including near ocean beach at 39. 1 degree. 1 degree in tahoe and truckee. 18 reno. 27 in redding. 27 in ukiah. had a nice tweet from clearlake, a lot of frost, puddles frozen. 27 lucerne and lakeport. really cold up there. things are beginning to deteriorate up towards vancouver, seattle, portland and southern oregon and near the northern california border. the reason i bring this up. peggy says they have to travel up there, a lot of them have
8:39 am
travel -- are traveling up there and it will be tricky on the snow level starting tomorrow. there is a lot of cold air there. cold air there and then a low parks itself. it looks like lighter to moderate amounts of rain. heavy -- heavier rain friday into saturday morning and then more so on sunday. as things continue to stack up as advertised, there will be a lot of rain. cold this morning, sunny and then upper 40s. 53, 54s probably closer to the bay. not far away. temperatures will struggle to get over 50 or 51. rain starts in the north bay late thursday, friday. stronger systems. heavier rain. the steadier rain saturday and sunday. looks like moderate to heavy rain. things should calm down by monday. mass day looks okay.
8:40 am
more funerals -- christmas day looks okay. more funerals are planned -- are planned for today. rene marsh has more. >> reporter: we're expecting to hear from the president in a matter of minutes in which he will lay out a concrete plan about how his administration will address gun laws in the country. here in newtown, connecticut, we'll see one teacher laid -- laid to rest and three children today. friends and family bid a final farewell to victoria soto. she's being called a hear row for trying to -- hero for trying to protect her students. >> she was truly selfless. she would not hesitate to think to save anybody else before herself. >> reporter: more children are being laid to rest.
8:41 am
parents are cautiously sending their children back to school with extra security and counselors onhand. >> i just naturally would love to keep my kids in a bubble but i know you can't live that way. >> reporter: the close-knit community is forever changed because of those 20 children who will never return to class. within four hours, two funerals were held at saint rose of lima church. i'm watching a sea of people leaving a funeral for a child and a -- another sea of people waiting at the side of the church trying to get in for the next funeral. it's bei -- it's really beyond words. the investigation continues into what sparked the shooting rampage. adam lanza left a smashed computer at his home, but so far investigators have been unable to retrieve any data from it. toxicology tests are underway to determine whether he had been taken any medication. and we know that sect of education, arne duncan, is on
8:42 am
his way to newtown, connecticut. he will be paying his respects to the principal of sandy hook school and he also says he will listen to educators to find out what the department of -- to find out what the department of education can do to help. back to you. >> thank you, renee. san jose city college trying to get back to normal this morning after yesterday's campus lockdown. we were definitely afraid at first. we were not talking. trying to keep every light off. >> the changes schools are making to make sure the schools are safe. and thousands of people are receiving a free holiday meal here in the tenderloin district.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
stocks are mixed rit now on wall street -- right now on wall street. this is actually looking more likely that the tax holiday introduced by president obama in 2010 will not be extended. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 5. the nasdaq turned around. it's up 6. s&p down 1. 8:44. this is just in. according to the associated
8:46 am
press, the state department's security chief and two others have resigned after the scathing report from an independent panel on the benghazi attack. we were just getting record from the -- after a hearing the senate hearing found some major fault with the state department's level of security in libya in general. of course, this attack on the consulate in benghazi took the life of chris stevens who is from the bay area and several others as well. so it is now resulted in at least three resignations at the state department as we get more information on this story, we'll bring it to you. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. new details about why the gunman in the connecticut school shooting did what he did. someone who knew him told fox news that he was angry because his mother planned to commit
8:47 am
him to a mental hospital and. well, president obama is due within moments, any moment now, as we look at these live pictures at the white house, the president is due to walk in and announce a new white house effort to prevent any more mass shootings. reportedly, the president will put vice president joe biden in charge of this effort. we're live at the white house now, waiting for the president to walk in. we will bring it to you once the president begins speaking. in san francisco, thousands of people are lined up for a free holiday meal for the needy. ktvu's brian flores at glide memorial church where people are already receiving much- needed holiday gifts. >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. it's a very busy morning. we're live here in the tenderloin. these are the bags that people have been standing in line for hours for, the grocery bag that the church gives away yearly. but take a look at this line.
8:48 am
we've been here for about four hours. i was just talking with my photographer and this line has not died down since we have been here. people have been in line, some since yesterday afternoon, to get the free bag of groceries store the holidays. volunteers tart -- started to pack the bags that include a turkey or a chicken, pasta, bread, viabilities. this is a nearly -- vegetables. this is a nearly event. the church expecteds to give out 5,000 -- expects to give out 5 north korea bags this -- 5,000 bags this year. the people waiting say it's worth it. >> i'm gonna get it for my daughter. >> reporter: how long have you been out here? >> 5:00 this morning. >> reporter: well worth it? >> yes. >> i've been -- i've been out
8:49 am
here since 5:00. it's worth it. they always show it on tv. i know how they do it and i'm very grateful to be here. >> reporter: several volunteers are also here volunteering. the majority in line are elderly people who have a tough time paying for their bills. back here live, organizers say they expect more people to arrive as the day moves on. but they expect the line to incress. the event is expected to go until about noon today. we're live here in the tenderloin, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. you are invited to a meeting tonight in richmond about the rebuilding of the chevron refinery unit that caught fire last august. the unit burst in flames because of a leak. thousands of people sought
8:50 am
treatment for respiratory problems. the rebuilding project is now focused on what kind of metal to use for the pipe replacement. the meeting will start at 6:30 at the city council chamber on civic center street in richmond. 8:49. in san leandro, a bank robber got away moments before the police arrived. now, the police want your help in catching that suspect. now, it happened tuesday evening at the u.s. bank in felton plaza off east 14th street, a couple of blocks from davis street. around 4:00 p.m., a man in his 20s walked into the bank handed a note to the teller demanding money e got away with an unknown amount of money. in belmont police want your help identifying this man suspected of robbing a u.s. bank. this is surveillance video. this was at noon yesterday. this was on rosten avenue. police say he didn't show a weapon to the teller and got
8:51 am
away with an undisclosed amount of money. the suspect appears to be between 25, 30. maybe about 5'9", maybe close to 6 feet. we are peat getting new details about what -- we're getting new details about what led up to the shooting deaths of two girls last month. the two suspects 18-year-old and 19-year-old, both of oakland, were arraigned in court. police say the 15-year-old and 16-year-old girls were sitting with the suspects in the car before they were shot in east oakland. the men apparently -- apparently got into an argument with the two teenagers. investigators say more than 30 shots were fired. classes will resume at san jose city college following a campus lackdown. investigators say a man called police around 4:00 yesterday afternoon claiming someone had a gun at the technology building. students were evacuated around
8:52 am
5:00 except for the technology building where students were patted down before being allowed to leave. >> we started clearing the building. and looking for the suspect or person matching that description. that was given to us. did not find anyone matching that description. >> the last students left at 8:00. this happened during finals week and some students had their ceremony cut short. >> we were all a little bit frightened. we pulled out our cell phones to see what was going on. >> we were all trying to stay at calm as possible and not being overly nervous and kind of waiting to hear things. >> a journalism student took photos of the s.w.a.t. team conducting their search. officers have not been payable to trace the original 911 call. the college's president told ktvu they are purchasing
8:53 am
surveillance cameras for the campus. we're watching the white house, waiting for president obama to speak at any moment about changes he wants made in gun policy. ktvu will bring it to you live when we get it. and sal is tracking wait time at the bay bridge toll plaza, he will during one last weck check of our morning commute -- during one last check of our morning commute. well, well, well.
8:54 am
growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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incredible video here, a mudslide slamming into a moving train in the pacific northwest knocking it off its tracks. this was north of seattle in washington state. the freight cars were carrying 11 containers, nine containers were knocked over. some of them split open. no one was injured. the tracks will remain closed until tomorrow. boy, she can sing. adele just voted the associated press entertainer of the year, beating out taylor shift, 50 shades of grey author and the cast of twilight. adele's had a great year, it started with the grammys where she won six awards, including album of the year. it ended with the birth of her son in october. previous winners of the ap entertainer of the year include lady ga da, betty white and stephen colbert. the winner of the person of
8:57 am
the year for "time" magazine, president obama. "turning weakness into opportunity and seeking amid controversy." this year's finalists including apple's ceo tim cook and yahoo!'s ceo, marissa meyer. instagram's founder is thanking users for their input about rules. one of those rules said instagram could post any photos posted to advertisers without notifying or commentating -- compensating the account holder. now they have no plans to do that. my favorite photographer is sal castanedo. >> he's a good one. >> and he knows about our traffic, too. >> i don't -- i will show them
8:58 am
to you guys. >> good morning. let's take a look at what we have. we are watching -- if the president comes out, we will toss it. >> at the toll plaza, it looks like it's slight. northbound 101 traffic looks good in san francisco. if you are watching the peninsula and the traffic there looks pretty good. in san mateo we have a little bit of slow traffic there. let's go to steve. i'm here. there we go. all right. sunny today, it was very cold this morning. a lot of 20s and 30s. increasing clouds thursday and then into monday, rain, rain, rain. a lot of snow. so be careful especially up north. snow level around 4500 feet. but it could be 500 feet to 1,000 around redding tomorrow night. so just so you -- so you know. >> okay. >> thank you. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to stay with ktvu
8:59 am
for president obama's coverage on gun coverage. we'll also stream this live at thank you for joining us.

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